Tech Talk Tuesday: Get That Crud Off Google


Have you ever longed to scrub an awkward or even damaging picture of yourself from the internet or social media? Are you stressed that there’s an embarrassing image or video of you that a recruiter, search firm or potential employer might find on the first page of Google? You’re not alone.

Today, much of your reputation lives online. Think about it: When we need an answer to a question or want more information we go to Google.

What pops out of the Google machine is a powerful driver for how people form opinions and make decisions about you.

The good news is that there has never been a time in history where sports stakeholders are able to control and capitalize on their online reputations. On the flip side, there has never been a time in history where your reputation can be so drastically impacted by digital brand terrorism

Thus, it’s time to take charge of your online reputation with your, “owned media.” What the heck is owned media?

In its broadest terms, owned media is any content you create and control such as blogs, docu-series, guest columns, social media posts, op-ed pieces, speeches, panels, webinars, and more.

Owned media creates critical searchable metadata to your online presence and increases your visibility as an expert and industry leader. Owned media isn’t about self-promotion or celebrity, it’s about credibility and building a good online legacy. It allows you to manage and maintain your online reputation and ensure a more accurate, lucrative and robust online persona. Keeping a pulse on what’s being said about you online not only ensures the content is positive, but factual.

Here are three quick things to do today:

Set up a Google alert on yourself.
Post original content on social media.
Write a great blog and ask your employer to post it and promote it on their social media channels.
Owned media helps you to increase visibility, manage your message and keep a pulse on your digital reputation – the time to start is now!

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