Litigation Communications v. Strategic Communications

Litigation Communications is a specialty within strategic communications. Litigation communication strategies are laser-focused plans created in lockstep with legal strategies prior to, and throughout high-stakes legal disputes. They are designed to establish and protect proper narratives and defend an individual, company, or organization facing a legal action.

As public exposure of court cases has increased, plaintiffs and prosecutors utilize the media to get their side of the story out and to sway constituents’ opinions. It has created a massive need for experienced litigation communications for the following reasons: 

  • there is a greater focus on the legal implications of any communications,
  • there are strategic aims and sensitive rules around disclosure during court proceedings, and
  • digital publishing and social media platforms have hastened the proliferation and permanence of information and opinion, both positive and negative.
  • a corporation or individual may win the court of law but lose in the court of public opinion causes irreparable financial and brand damage.

ANACHEL Communications specializes in high-profile litigation, crisis and strategic communications.  Our media training program and bespoke reputation management practitioners help our clients navigate the narratives when it matters most.  To learn more about our and book a confidential consultation to learn how we can help, feel free to email