Helping Litigators Win in the Court of Public Opinion

“A defense attorney may pursue lawful strategies to obtain dismissal of an indictment or reduction of charges, including an attempt to demonstrate in the court of public opinion that the client does not deserve to be tried.”

Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy re Gentile v. State Bar of Nevada

Is it inappropriate to engage a communications professional to influence the outcome of the court case by encouraging early or favorable settlement or by pressuring the prosecution into bringing lesser or no charges?  Absolutely not!  In fact, it would be unprofessional not to: every case or dispute is tried in front of a judge within the legal system AND in the court of public opinion on social media and influencer circles.  

All too often, perceptions become reality.  A case could be settled in favor of a defendant but, due to a poor communications strategy before or during a trial, the defendant’s reputation could suffer permanent damage, resulting in financial and opportunity loss.

The litigation communications experts at ANACHEL Communications specialize in high-profile reputation management.  We carefully craft media relations strategies for our clients so that when litigation is resolved, careers and livelihoods continue to thrive.

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