Access is Key to Unlocking Litigation Communications Expertise

The biggest mistake legal teams make when engaging a litigation communications expert is failing to give access. Access to all relevant members of the legal team and transparency regarding the legal strategy is key to unlocking litigation communications expertise.  With privilege in place, the legal team can safely do the following:

1.    Provide the litigation communications team with relevant information as it becomes available.

2.    Ask for input on how legal actions might be viewed through the media lens.

3.    Honor the process:  reputation management works best when it is proactive.  

4.    Discuss potential outcomes to help the team prepare a character/brand profile and counter/supportive narratives ahead of time.

5.    Share anticipated filings:  communications experts can provide input (tone, language) on the document to maximize positive media impact.

Litigation communications experts work with the media to create more balanced, accurate, and less sensational coverage of a lawsuit.  Through reputation management practices and media strategies, litigation communications experts insist coverage of a lawsuit goes beyond the victim versus villain narrative.  

Are you an attorney who would like to learn more about how outside communications counsel can benefit your legal team? Reach out to ANACHEL Communications specializes in high-profile litigation, crisis and strategic communications.  Our media training program and bespoke reputation management practitioners help our clients navigate the narratives when it matters most.